We are pleased, and proud, to launch our ICS snapshot dashboard

Use it to identify key issues for your population and to drive strategic discussion at board and senior ICS leadership level. It contains an holistic view of both population and provider landscapes at the ICS level which is not typically available to leaders working across geographies and providers.

Over the next weeks we will be releasing the whole 42 as static images with our views on key issues for each ICB, good and bad.

Why give this amazing tool away? – because we don’t do static at VUIT. Measuring and identifying what’s changed is the only game in town so updated and RAG rated versions are the tools you need to improve the health and wellbeing of the populations you serve so these images will be insightful but not useful over time.

Can’t wait for your ICS to pop up on Linked in? We are making these reports available via monthly subscription with the data updated every time.

To be crystal clear – this is not an aspirational dashboard or one off report that we could put together for you if you wanted to buy it – we are not a CSU or big 4 consultancy.

This is LIVE now and available for every ICS in England we can deliver it to your inbox within 30 mins of subscription or it FREE for a year!!

Subscribe today, use it today.

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