VUIT for Med Tech and Life Science

Tender Support
Providing a detailed cost benefit analysis for the purchasing organisation which clearly articulates ROI on a triple bottom line.
Thus providing –
Financial benefit, Improved provider performance and, critically improved health and wellbeing outcomes


Market Validation Support
You will clearly understand, and be able to articulate to funders
and/or investors, the likely market opportunity for your offer to the

Opportunity Search
You will have a detailed understanding, at provider level, for all the required ICS organisations. This report delivers the most granular level of detail available from our datalake. Working within the same framework as the Market Validation Report, this report delivers provider level granularity of current activity and use. Critically the report also shows both the current costs incurred by the NHS relevant to the defined product or service. 

Subscription Service
Modular annual subscription covering – Population Health, Prescribing, Acute Activity & Costs, Acute Elective Activity, Acute Cancer Activity, Acute & UEC Activity 

We offer a host of tailored solutions to ensure our clients find the answers to their questions in VUIT.  We would be delighted to conduct a walkthrough in person or remotely, if this is of interest to you please complete the contact form on the link below.