VUIT for Commissioners (ICS) and Place Based Teams (ICP)

The current situation

The expectation on Executives and senior managers within an ICS to identify opportunities for service improvement and cost reduction opportunities is growing and changing quickly. The need to be able to deliver the right local solution in the context of system thinking and management is now critical and this will require new data and informatics to be available.

The current challenges

Issues between providers around data governance, GDPR, shared care records and variation in the way that providers measure the same things mean that good information from providers and the wider Partnership which can be used for decision making can be hard to come by. National data is published but it does not address or contribute to the solution as the historic way in which the data is published means that they do not offer any ready to use informatics or actionable insights


The solutions provided by VUIT 

VUIT draws data from multiple national data pools, combining this information and transforming it from a vast array of disparate siloed data sources into interactive visualisations which allow users to interrogate and understand population data from the highest System level to provider level and in certain circumstances units of activity and cost.  Because all of the data in VUIT has no GDPR or data governance issues relating to it’s use many of the usual restrictions are not applicable.

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