VUIT for Healthcare Providers full detail

The current situation
Although most providers will have in house informatics teams who deliver local performance and management information. However as Integrated Care Systems and Provider collaborations form providers are coming under increasing pressure to understand and report performance relative to others in their ICS footprint as well as vs national standards. This understanding now needs to embrace not just isolated provider performance but also the costs relative to peers which will need detailed, multi-provider analysis of things like reference costs and prescribing data. This level and complexity of reporting, particularly the benchmarking elements, requires the use of more sophisticated analytical tools such as Power BI and the information needs to be shared outside of individual providers.

Current challenges
Whilst some provider teams are skilled in the use of tools such as Power BI and Tableau others are more typically using Excel as their primary analysis and reporting tool. Equally data governance limits the way in which providers can combine data with others to enable a deeper understanding of system pressures and opportunities

The solutions VUIT can offer
VUIT brings all the power of ‘ninja’ level use of Tableau and the flexibility of GDPR compliant data to give provider executives and senior managers an interactive online environment where they can not only see their own performance but can see that performance in the context of other PCN, ICS or National performance and standards. Critically VUIT offers trend data across all key acute areas – UEC, Cancer and Elective Care, something the national data sets do not.