VUIT for Med Tech and Life Sciences

The current situation
Every year corporate organisations and start ups in the pharmaceutical and medical device sector develop incredible and innovative ways to deliver improved health outcomes for the population. From inception to prototyping testing and bringing to market these organisations have the skills and talent to develop their products and demonstrate there impact. At the point that these products are ready for market typically, in the English healthcare provide a marketplace, the use of these products by the NHS is subject to the scrutiny of a business case during the procurement process. A critical part of this business case process is the is the understanding and articulation of the likely impact and benefits for both the population and the commissioners responsible for managing expenditure. 

Current challenges

Whilst the clinical efficacy or positive impact on individuals health and well being have likely been proven during the validation process this does not answer the critical question of how many suitable people live in any given geography and if improvements to peoples outcomes can be achieved what the overall cost benefit of using the product is to the commissioner responsible. To articulate this would require detailed analysis of specific population cohorts and an understanding of the likely financial positive impacts that could be generated as a result of implementation. Currently this information is not easily accessible or interpretable for enterprise let alone startup organisations. Neither all the data sets required to assess this typically used by the commissioner to assist with the business case.

The solutions VUIT can offer
VUIT contains multiple levels and types of population and provider data which allows subscribers to understand, at very high levels of granularity, The likely impact and subsequent cost benefit two any level of commissioning body or provider from within the online environment. The portal utilises existing NHS and population data sets which in addition to the ability to clearly articulate benefits adds an additional layer of validity to any proposal made As it now includes the customers own data which in turn significantly increases the chance of the companies product being commissioned and adopted by the NHS. Typically subscribers would utilise the VUIT portal to firstly frame the opportunity in a set of powerful visualisations then, utilising a data extract clearly quantify the opportunity and benefits in terms of improved outcomes and reduced costs