Premium Content By Theme

The links below help the user navigate our premium content.

We classify analyses and visualisations as premium content only if they have taken some extra effort to put together on our part. For example:

  • We had to link more than one data set together to create the analysis, e.g. A&E data with Beds and Occupancy.
  • The published data set is particularly large and/or complex to manipulate across multiple time periods e.g. the prescribing data set includes over 10 million rows of data per month.
  • We include geographical analyses of the data, to do this we have to combine data sets with geo-mapping information.
  • We add calculated content to add additional insights e.g. Reference costs data, where we estimate acuity from the profile of HRG complexity scores. 

Where we simply re-package published data in a suite of charts we feel its unfair to classify as premium. This is the case for most of our content.  This content is accessible free from our home page. Its important to note our content is continually developing so while there’s lots of interesting content available, there’s lots more to come too.

If there’s anything in particular you’d like to see that you can’t find just drop us a note via our contact page link above and we’ll get on the case and explore the publicly available data sets we use to see if its possible.

Acute Hospital Themes

Beds and Occupancy Rates

Hospital Mortality (SHMI)

Diagnostic Waiting Times

Medical and Non-Medical Staffing

Cancelled Elective Operations

Hospital Referral Trends

Length of Stay Trends

Non-Elective Acuity Trends

Reference Cost Trends

Primary Care Themes

GP Practice Profiles and QOF

Long Term Condition Prevalence

GP Practice Access Measures

Population and Deprivation

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NHS 111 Services Indicator Set