Why Register?

We understand that registering to use websites is a pain but we also understand that performance data for your NHS organisation, even public domain data, can be mis-used or mis-represented.

Equally we want to protect our work from others who might try to mis-use, imitate or replicate it.

Because of this we are restricting the use of our free access element of the VUIT.Online resource to people who are part of the NHS. To do this we will validate your email address as either an NHS.NET address or that of an NHS or associated (AHSN/OLS etc) organisation.

We hope you understand and, once you have registered, the login process should be quick and easy and won’t spoil your day!!

By the way we won’t share your contact details with anyone else because it’s wrong and we don’t like  it when it happens to us.

Thank you for your understanding.

Adam & James (Team VUIT)