VUIT.ONLINE will always deliver free system wide analysis to the NHS – FACT

However we also deliver other high value services which are payable

Premium content

Our premium content sits on top of the standard set of free to use visualisations and really takes analysis to the next level.

By combining disparate data sets we can help providers and commissioning organisations get real insight into the cause and effect of how performance in one ‘silo’ within the system can drive inefficiency and cost in another part of it.

On site training

With the correct levels of on-site and remote training both provider and commissioner organisations can quickly become self sufficient in the use of VUIT.ONLINE.

Operational teams will be able to test hypothesis, across the health and care system in real time and compile meaningful and insightful reports without the need of informatics support

Patient level analysis

The analysis VUIT.ONINE offers can help inform and guide strategic conversations and decisions. However once opportunities are identified they need to be qualified and quantified at the patient level.

Using the approach we used to develop and apply VUIT.ONLINE we can support organisations to deeply understand pathways using your pseudonymised patient-level data and appropriate information governance processes.

Process Improvement

If our clinicians stopped at the diagnosis stage of a pathway we would no doubt be disappointed and a bit confused!

The ‘so now what do we do about it’ element of system transformation is where it all began for VUIT.ONLINE. We really have got the T-Shirt when it comes to successful improvement work.