About VUIT

Who are VUIT

VUIT has been created by Adam Townsend and James Pratt.

Working from three regional offices the team behind VUIT bring a unique blend of analytical capability and operational expertise along with a deep understanding of System Thinking and Lean Six Sigma methodology

We have focused on the development of the VUIT portal as a means of supporting better data driven decision making across health and social care.

With a mantra of ‘ the creation of actionable insights’ at the heart of all the data tools VUIT has developed we hope to unleash the full power of the national health and social care data available in the public domain

Why not watch our short video that tells the story of our journey so far in more detail.

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What problem does VUIT solve:

The huge range of health and social care data available in the public domain is siloed, poorly formatted and, at worst, impenetrable and unusable.

In the vast majority of cases this data is not produced as interactive visualisations nor does it allow the combining of data across sources i.e. GP practice data is not linked to GP prescribing data!

Using a range of proprietary algorithms and data manipulation we have taken these data sets and created an online resource which can support decision making for health and social care professionals. This resource is available as a subscription model that is deployable at scale but has a cost point which is affordable at all levels (provider/ICP/ICS).

In short we are unleashing the power of the publicly available health and social care data to those who most need to understand the drivers of population health across boundaries and providers.

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Offices covering – 

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West & North West

East Midlands & South of England