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The problem we solve:

The size and range of Health and Population data in England is truly incredible but broadly unused…….​

It is siloed, disjointed and difficult to use let alone interpret and turn into insight.​

Typically this means this massive resource is left redundant.​

problem we solve

VUIT has solved this issue and created an invaluable resource for Healthcare and Med-Tech Organisations….​

We have curated and visualised versions of this data and made it interactive, intuitive, and easy to use and understand.

VUIT is fully GDPR Compliant and accessed via online subscription. We leverage this  Data for our customers in a way no one has done before.​

What solutions are we currently delivering?

The beauty of VUIT is that it can be configured to answer thousands of critical operational questions around Population Health and Healthcare, and can answer most of those right out of the box.

However, we typically get asked to engage around some key topics across our main sectors which we have shaped our core offer around.


ICS Strategy Support

Using our population health tools to identify opportunities to engage with specific groups of the population that need additional support and which providers can best deliver that support.

Acute and Primary Care Benchmarking

Access to ICB footprint provider comparisons including all major acute and primary care provision types as well as primary care prescribing tools.

Med Tec & Life Science Business case support

Our tools allow companies selling or looking to sell into the NHS to see the size and value of the markets their products might serve. Often down to the number of prescriptions or procedures they could displace.

Can we Start conversation?

We are a relationship first company. We work to understand your organisations and, where there are opportunities to work together, we commit fully to developing them into something for long term.

But the next step is crucial. We can move at your pace and offer a number of starting points.

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